PRTGThere is a wide array of network monitoring tools available today. Yet, to us, the choice is simple: you need look no further than PRTG Network Monitor.

PRTG Network Monitor combines great under-the-hood strength with an intuitive user interface.

More than 150,000 sysadmins feel the same way. They rely on the PRTG Network Monitor to keep their network up and running. The tool monitors:

  • LANs
  • WANs
  • (virtual) servers
  • applications
  • bandwith usage
  • and more...

Whenever something goes wrong, or a possible threat arises, you’ll know first-hand: the tool will alert you via e-mail, SMS or your pager. What’s more, it enables you to print reports that tell your boss how well you’re protecting the company’s ICT infrastructure.